We All Want To Change The World
So why are our bands not trying harder?

A little while ago I sat on a train trying to pass the time on my long, boring daily commute and I came across an article on a blog on the link between the political landscape and the music industry.

The author suggested that the prevalence of positive, bubblegum pop, boybands and girl groups singing about their love lives and tales of nights out in today’s charts is a positive sign that things are on the up, people don’t feel the need to use music to voice their political opinions and disquiet.



Introducing | The Assist

The Assist are a four-piece from Walsall who I have a great deal of pleasure introducing to you lucky folk. Some of you may not need to be introduced as they have been together as a band since 2013, however there are sure to be many more welcome introductions as 2017 continues to roll on.

New fans will be sure to jump on board if their latest single ‘The Wonderful’ is anything to go by, surely it will only be a matter of days before this band are swaggering around the country and sitting proudly on top of the charts.

When I first heard the band what instantly jumped out to me was the love they have for what they do, the swagger, confidence, vibe and belief in the music they are creating.



The Flaming Lips | How??
The AMP Stereo
Boy Azooga

"wonderfully-crafted pop songs"
Enderby's Room

"uplifting, positive and exactly what the world needs right now"
Luna Tides

"you will fall head over heels in love"

The Lucid Dream

The Moon Club, Cardiff
30th September 2016

Noel Gallagher

Singleton Park, Swansea
2nd September 2016

Bill Ryder-Jones

Moon Club, Cardiff
11th March 2015

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