Released: 24th July 2014
Label: Fika Recordings

‘Oscillations’ is the debut album from London-based band Cosines featuring Alice Hubley from the much loved and much missed Cardiff band The Loves. With that in mind there may be a slight bias in this review, due to my affection for The Loves, however bias aside I can assure you that ‘Oscillations’ is a fantastic debut album that you shouldn't let pass you by.

‘Oscillations’ is exactly what pop music in 2014 should sound like; the band manage to combine that timeless pop sound that has stood strong throughout the decades with a contemporary sound. Cosines are a band who clearly know how to move pop music forward in the right direction.

Album opener ‘Open The Fire’ immediately lays claim to being a modern day indie classic, the combination of pulsating riffs, infectious melodies and vocals ensure this is a song that is impossible to ignore. The lyrics are fascinating taking the subject of a relationship that appears to have gone on for too long “Been happy for a short while, miserable for the longest time, forget we were happy, did we”. The drumming throughout ‘Nothing More Than A Feeling’ is a real highlight, managing to create an uplifting pop song that in a previous world would have been sure to have given Cosines their moment on Top of The Pops.

As the album continues we are faced with one perfect pop song after another. Further highlights include ‘Walking Away’, the opening vocals alone are guaranteed to win you over. ‘Look Out Mountain’ sees a male vocal take the lead giving the album an added twist. ‘Binary Primary’ has a dark and sinister side to it, ensuring the band can’t be labelled as only having one sound.

The comparisons to Phil Spector are inevitable in album closer 'Our Ghosts', this is a big wall of sound that is so beautiful and perfect and will make sure you are head over in heels in love with Cosines.

Steve Tay

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