The Fiery Piano
Second Space

Released: 23rd January 2013
Label: Mega Mountain Records

It comes with great pleasure that our attention for new music once again turns to Sweden, a country which over the years has given us some of our favourite music, I’m Kingfisher, First Aid Kit and Soundtrack Of Our Lives to name just some of the Swedish artists that have graced our stereos in recent times. Now we have a new band to add to that list, The Fiery Piano, who have recently released their debut album ‘Second Space’ on their own label Mega Mountain Records.

‘Second Space’ is an album that will instantly appeal to many, the album manages to have an otherworldly feel whilst at the same time carrying a pop sensibility throughout. The album is full of uplifting songs that will be guaranteed to sweep you off your feet, at times carrying elements of Flaming Lips with all the cosmic sounds and Bright Eyes with the fragility of the vocals.

Some of the standout songs on the album include ‘More Like A Tiger, Less Like A Dove’ which is pop music at its very best and ‘Keep Dreaming On’, the dreamlike melodies and vocals throughout create such a wonderful sound that you will return to on many occasions. ‘Golden Helmeted Sun’ is a song that will see you longing for a summers day when you can dance around a festival field without a care in the world and ‘Heavy Boots’, the way this song moves from its sparse opening to uplifting melodies is just perfect. ‘Pegasus’ gives the album the spine tingling ending that it deserves. I think I better stop there before I end up listing all the songs as stand outs, which in fact they are.

‘Second Space’ is available from The Fiery Piano’s Bandcamp page under a name-your-price format. I strongly urge you to head over there and download the album. Although times are hard at the moment and we all love something for nothing, please resist the temptation to have this as a freebie, donate some of your hard earned cash to ensure The Fiery Piano can continue to record music in the future.

Steve Tay

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