Rob Lear
Motorcycle Heart

Released: 1st May 2016
Label: Rob Lear

Motorcycle Heart is the latest album from Rob Lear, a singer-songwriter who has always written music from the heart, never played the game just to get his five minutes of fame, always stuck to what he believes in and what he does best which is to write songs with honesty and integrity; a quality which if everyone who wrote songs stood by would see the charts full of decent music.

For those of us who have known Rob since his days in the much-loved Blackwood band Lear you really do not need me to preach to you about how much you need to buy Motorcycle Heart. If, however, Rob is unbeknown to you then I am somewhat envious as you really are in for a treat as you are about to hear some tunes that will put an extra skip in your step with melodies that will wash over you like the most beautiful sunset you could imagine.

The album opens with ‘Beseeched By Love’ which can be best described as a classic, timeless pop song with lyrics that allow the story to unfold before your ears all wrapped up in glorious and infectious melodies. ‘Look Me Up’ has one of the most memorable choruses you will hear this year whilst the acoustic melody that underpins this song will allow you to get lost in your dreams. ‘Light Of My Life’ is a sweet, honest, uplifting pop song that in an alternative world would hit the top of the charts.





The album continues with countless wow moments that leave me perplexed and wondering why Rob Lear is not known by everyone in the world. A perfect example comes in the form of ‘Michael’ which has a reflective and melancholic feel to it that allows us lucky listeners to pause for thought and slow the pace of life down. Further highlights include ‘Too Beautiful’ with a bass line that gives this album a bit of funk and a key-change that takes you into the chorus smiling like a Cheshire Cat. ‘Elfinman’ has harmonies and lyrics that will inspire you and make you believe in yourself “You can never fail if you never give in, don’t worry how the world looks at you”.

Before allowing you to go and discover the genius of Motorcycle Heart for yourself I feel an overwhelming need to highlight ‘Grace’, a perfectly arranged song and another gem amongst many. ‘Carry On’ closes the album in a graceful and elegant way and sums up everything I love about the music that Rob Lear writes, he has such an ear for a melody together with lyrics that are full of meaning with sweet vocals and harmonies that will melt even the toughest of hearts.

I do feel the need to add a disclaimer here to protect those songs that I have not picked out as highlights; there are twelve songs on Motorcycle Heart and each one is amazing in its own right. If you love music, and quite simply why wouldn’t you, then you seriously need to buy a copy of Motorcycle Heart and seek out all of the music that Rob Lear has put his name to.

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