Stanley Brinks And The Wave Pictures
My Ass

Released: 2nd October 2015
Label: Fika Recordings

‘My Ass’ is Stanley Brinks’ fourth album with The Wave Pictures and a very swift follow up to their 2014 release ‘Gin’. The PR which accompanies this release talks about Stanley Brinks and The Wave Pictures going straight to the studio the morning after their tour finished to ensure they lost none of that fire still burning in their hearts after the final night drinks of a tour. If that was their objective then they certainly achieved it as ‘My Ass’ manages to capture the sound and spirit of musicians who thrive off each other’s company and talent and who just love making music together.

‘My Camel’ opens the album with an element of mystery, listening to this song makes you want to follow Stanley and The Wave Pictures into the unknown. ’Brighton’ follows next with some timeless guitar riffs that will bring to mind Jonathan Richman and Eddie Cochran. There is a pop element to this song which should not be underestimated and the chorus is one you will not be able to escape from. ‘Fire to my Mind’ contains so many summer vibes that will brighten up the dark winter days that lie ahead with vocals and melodies that combine in such a sweet way ensuring this is song that will instantly jump inside your heart “My my, dear me, where will you be, when the sun goes down, and there’s no-one around”.

The album continues to take us on a journey of wonderful songs that the listener can wrap their ears around. One of the many highlights is ‘Berlin’, this is one of those songs where the word perfect does not seem enough; the hooks, melodies, and reflective lyrics will leave a very memorable stamp on those that take the time to listen “We are older than the world we live in”.

Before leaving you to enjoy the vast richness of this album I would like to further highlight ‘Goodbye My Love’, a song that manages to beautifully capture feelings of emptiness and loneliness. ‘Wakefield‘ is the most upbeat song on the album and if this does not bring a smile to your face then not much will. ‘Back to my Island in the Sun’ is a great song about being an outsider and wanting to go back to where you belong and feel happy “Back to my island in the sun, where living is easy, where living is fun”. ‘Balluta Bay’ is a beautifully crafted and deeply reflective song that gives this fine album the ending it deserves.

Steve Tay

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