Sweet Baboo
Wild Imagination

Released: 2nd June 2017
Label: Moshi Moshi Records

Wild Imagination is the sixth album from our favourite, and of course your favourite, Sweet Baboo. Come on, surely everyone on planet Earth is truly in love with the genius that is Sweet Baboo, there is not a bad word that can be said about the music that comes out of his beautiful and wonderful mind.

Wild Imagination is a bright light in these dark times we live in, we all need music to lift us and take us away from the horror of the world right now and Wild Imagination does exactly that. From start to finish the album has a peaceful, uplifting, inspiring and beautiful sound that surely can make all the bad things in this world stop and go away. Politicians and policy makers, stop and have a listen to this album and I’m sure you will see things in a much different light. Ok, if Wild Imagination does not manage to exert that much influence at least it can provide us ordinary folk with an escape, a reason to draw the curtains, shut out the world and lose ourselves in the tranquility of this incredible album.

The album is rich with wonderful songs artfully blended together and picking highlights is both easy and impossible as you really do have to sit down, stop rushing around and listen to Wild Imagination from start to finish. To truly do this album justice, I am going to break the mould of my usual review writing and not highlight any particular songs as I honestly can’t pick favourites.

For years we have been sharing our love for Sweet Baboo, playing his albums over and over again and having the pleasure of attending countless gigs marvelling at the ridiculous creative talent this man possesses. Wild Imagination has just lifted things up to the next level, Sweet Baboo truly is a god and needs to be worshipped. Get your cash out, buy Wild Imagination now and if you don’t own his back catalogue buy that also. Your love for Sweet Baboo will be a love that lasts a lifetime.

Steve Tay

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