The Written Years
The Written Years

Released: 10th November 2014
Label: The Written Years

Looking at the artwork for this self-titled debut album from Canadian band The Written Years, I instantly had the feeling this would be an album I would love. The image portrays an old man alone in a cafe seemingly deep in thought and conjures feelings of nostalgia and reflection of a life gone by. After just one listen that initial feeling proved to be right, The Written Years have recorded an album that the entire world needs to hear and that I can’t see myself ever tiring of. The album perfectly captures those feelings of nostalgia and reflection and wraps them up in some of the most gorgeous melodies you are likely to hear; I would challenge anyone to find something they don’t like within this album.

Highlights are aplenty and include the opening song ‘It's Not Your Fault’ which instantly sets the standard for the entire album. We are treated to thirty seconds of somewhat spooky sounds before a beautiful explosion of warm, vulnerable vocals and melody which ensure that this is a band you will instantly allow into your heart. Like many of the songs on the album ‘It's Not Your Fault’ allows the listener to bounce along with the uplifting melodies on one listen and contemplate the beauty of the heartfelt lyrics on another, “If I held out my hand, would you meet me there? Through our broken thoughts that grew in us, I’ll signal back to forgotten friends and tell them that I’ll make it back again”. ‘I Would Miss My Home If I Knew Where It Was’ is absolute pop genius and surely needs to be ringing out throughout arenas across the world. ‘Homesick Dirge’ provides another example of the talent this band possess in writing lyrics, “It’s cold in this house with the snow piled to the roof. We’ve been frozen inside for years, we still sleep in separate rooms”.

‘You’re Too Kind’ is crafted with care and precision, demonstrating that every sound this band make has been clearly thought out. ‘Hospital Rooms’ has anthem stamped all over it with melodies that allow the song to build in such a way that the listener has no option but to allow themselves to be captured by the song and drift peacefully away from anything else they should be doing. ‘The Station’ brings the album to an end in a tender and emotional way, “Why won’t you stay here, just one more day, one day please?”.

The Written Years have given us an album that is impossible not to love and cherish, this is an album that is too good to be kept hidden away. If you share my sentiments, which I seriously believe you will, please tell people they have to let The Written Years into their lives.

Steve Tay

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