Zervas & Pepper

Released: 24th June 2017
Label: Zerodeo

Wilderland is the new album from the delightful Zervas & Pepper. It feels like Paul and Kath have been a soundtrack to AMP over the years, wowing us with every release that has come our way, so it will come as no surprise to hear that we were head over heels in love with Wilderland within two minutes of hitting play. If, like us, you already love Zervas & Pepper then you may as well turn your eyes away as you will need no convincing, although of course we do not want your eyes to wander, please read every word written here. If you are new to Zervas & Pepper then you are in for a real treat and have so much to discover.

‘Roses and Jericho’ eases us in with heart melting melodies and timeless vocals. ‘Hotel Bible’ is just pure class, if you are thinking of going on a drive this summer, put this song on and you will have the perfect companion. These two songs show everything that is amazing about Zervas and Pepper, there really are not many bands around who harmonise like this band do, and as for their song writing craft they are up there with the best.

Highlights are certainly here in abundance, ‘Change Courses’ is a beautiful piano-led ballad that will stir emotions in you. ‘Citizen’ is yet another example of how to craft a song, every sound we hear has been perfectly placed. ‘Mountain Of Ocean’ is a beautiful pop song full of warmth, emotion, hope and inspiration to the world, “Come on in, sit you down my friend, don’t you know that you have always been welcome”. ‘Universe to Find’ ends the album with an uplifting message to the entire world, this song needs to be adopted as the national anthem for the world right now. Once you have had the absolute pleasure of listening to this song I am sure you will agree that love, kindness and humanity will survive and we will unite and stop the world from destroying itself.

Steve Tay

Zervas & Pepper
Holy Bible

Released: 24th June 2017

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