Zervas & Pepper

Released: 22nd July 2013
Label: Zerodeo

Lifebringer is the second album from Cardiff based band Zervas and Pepper. If you have had the pleasure of having your life enriched by the beautiful, timeless sounds that Zervas and Pepper create then you will no doubt already be in love with this latest release. If you are new to the band then be prepared to be left with a feeling of warmth and happiness throughout your entire body, mind and soul.

As the UK is currently enjoying the hottest summer we have had for sometime, ‘Lifebringer’ is sure to provide the perfect soundtrack to summer 2013, the album is full of gorgeous melodies and harmonies that are made for a summers day. Listening to this album makes you want to get into your car, wind the windows down and go for a drive through beautiful landscapes and forget about any troubles in the world.

‘Lifebringer’ is one of those albums that will unite everyone, no matter what your usual preferred genre of music is. Like fellow Welsh band Paper Aeroplanes, Zervas and Pepper create music that can be enjoyed by everyone on the planet. From the mesmerising opening song ‘Buffalo Crow' to the closing song ‘All The World Has Changed’, the listener will be firmly fixated on every note played and every lyric being sung, drawing you into the soul of the album with its story telling lyrics.

Further standout songs on the album include ‘Living In A Small Town’ whose melodies provide the perfect companion to the vocals which deal with the subject of living life in a goldfish bowl where your every move is watched by helicopters and cameras. The way the song 'Jerome' moves from gentle vocals to dramatic strings is incredibly moving and effective and on ‘Lookout Mountain’ the vocals and gentle acoustic melodies will melt even the toughest of hearts, this is a song that makes you want to sit at a camp fire and sing under a starry night sky. “Don’t you count on the radio playing your favourite song, you’d be waiting all day” is the opening lyric to 'Sure Fire Bet'. All too often radio stations overlook so many great songs and ‘Sure Fire Bet’ is one of those songs that should be playlisted on radio stations throughout the country, let's hope they do. A further highlight, ‘One Man Show’, is a perfectly put together song showcasing exactly why Zervas and Pepper are a national treasure.

Once again Zervas and Pepper have given us an album that will never become tiresome, ‘Lifebringer’ will sound just as great in twenty years time as it does today.

Steve Tay

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