Bethany Weimers
Harpsichord Row

Released: 30th Apr 2012
Label: 1784 Records

‘Harpsichord Row’ is the debut album from Oxford based alt-folk artist Bethany Weimers. The album was recorded throughout last year in Bethany’s spare room. It soon becomes obvious how much this album means to Bethany, the thought and effort put in has resulted in a wonderful collection of songs.

The album opens with the mysterious ‘Silver Moon’ which instantly sucks you into the heart of the album with its dark melody. Bethany’s vocals float perfectly throughout. ‘Lucky Day’ is a song that you simply can’t live without. The soft piano melody and the soothing vocal delivery combine perfectly to create a song that deserves to be heard by the entire world. ‘William and His Ghost’ highlights Bethany’s talent for creating songs that have a pop feel to them, the cheerful sound and the infectious chorus are the perfect mix for radio playlists everywhere.

From this point on you are completely oblivious to the rest of the world, your entire focus will be on the beautiful sounds emanating from your speakers, as the album continues to deliver song after song of such high quality.

A new national treasure in waiting?

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