David Bronson

Released: 7th January 2013
Label: David Bronson

Heartbreak has always been one of the greatest inspirations for songwriters. I do not consider myself to be a cold hearted person, I am not one to revel in someone's heartbreak, but when it comes to music I do love to hear an album that has been inspired by a singer's heart being torn to shreds.

New York guitarist David Bronson has just released 'Story' the first instalment of the 'Long Lost Story' album series, albums which were inspired by a failed relationship and saw David go into deep self reflection, pouring his feelings and emotions into song.

'Turns' opens the album in a tender way with lyrics that set the scene for the album "And the saddest part about it was to lose the best of friends". 'The Times' is next which sees the guitars and drums collide into each other with passion and intent. The way the music is put together throughout this album is what makes it different from the last great heartbreak album by Bon Iver 'For Emma For Ever Ago'. Where Bon Iver allowed the delicate melodies to take centre stage, David Bronson pours out his anguish into the instrumentals.

Further highlights on 'Story' include 'If' which sees David questioning the relationship "Was it real, did it fade, was it made by us? Or did I just imagine everything?" and 'Us' a song with a dreamlike sound that completely takes over the listener. 'Momentary' describes the moment where David starts to turn the corner as he sings "I took the first step out the doorway, See the mountain there before me, A wishful thinking sort of story, No time to wallow in the doubt" whilst 'Adrift' and 'Unending' both contain heart warming harmonies.

'Story' is an album full of intelligence and wonderfully crafted songs that will be sure to give listeners a great deal of pleasure for a long time to come. With the second instalment of 'Story' to follow later in the year, 2013 is going to be a great year for David Bronson.

Steve Tay

By The Sea
By The Sea

Released: 12th Nov 2012
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