Dinosaur Jr.
I Bet On Sky

Released: 17th September 2012
Label: PIAS Recordings

Dinosaur Jr. return with their long awaited follow up to 2009's 'Farm' and their third album since the reformation of the original line up back in 2005. It seems that they have settled into things nicely with the band finally getting along just by taking it one day at a time. 

It should come as no real surprise this it's everything you could hope for from a Dinosaur Jr. album, J's distinct vocal drawl is as slackery as ever and his guitar solos still have to power to melt faces from 100 miles away.

What is evident is that this album is slightly softer by their standards with J.Masics' solo album no doubt playing a part and also the re-ignition of Lou Barlow's Sebadoh Project which can be heard influencing his vocal leads in 'Rode' and 'Recognition'. There are a few keyboards dotted around but nothing that true changes that signature sound and that's a good thing as lead single 'Watch The Corners' and 'See It On Your Side' could easily slot in along side the classics. 

With so many bands aping their style these days it's good to still have Dinosaur Jr. step up every once in a while and show them all how it's really done.


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