Enderby's Room

Based: London
Genre: Indie/folk
Website: Facebook

Enderby’s Room is a band you all need to make a priority to welcome into your life during 2017. The band is led by Dan Mayfield, a man who will not need an introduction to many due to his time playing fiddle for Darren Hayman, The Wave Pictures, Daniel Johnston and Allo Darlin’. Other members of the band have constantly evolved over the last ten years and around 30 different musicians have played their part in the beautiful sounds we get to hear. As we enter 2017 the band are settled as a five-piece and are ready to release their debut album which, in my mind, is going to be one of the greatest albums we hear this year.

The first single ‘Lakeside’ was released in December on Fika Recordings and is an absolute stunner. The harmonies and whimsical melodies will take you to places you never dreamed of; imagine the most beautiful sunset, the most beautiful starry night sky and you will begin to get a picture of where this amazing song will take you. The lyrics are full of reflection and wonder, leaving you feeling warm and content “We walk slowly down the willowy pathway listening to the sound that the leaves make as they rustle beneath our feet”.

Writing for AMP magazine is an absolute pleasure, we get to hear music before the records hit the shops and we have had the privilege of listening to Enderby’s Room in full before its release in the spring. I can honestly say this is an album that will be the soundtrack to the summer for so many of us this year, I can’t think of a much better way to spend a summers afternoon than at a festival listening to these incredible songs.

Without giving too much away (I assure you we will have a full review of the album on its release) there is a song called ‘Heartaches’ which is uplifting, positive and exactly what the world needs right now, the lyrics in this song are something we can all take comfort in “You smile even when your heat aches”.

Be sure to follow this band, look out for their live shows and quite simply make Enderby’s Room one of the many bands you fall head over heels in love with during 2017.

Steve Tay

To Bear Sir

"full of emotion and vocals that are so vulnerable"
Sally Robin

"will stun you into complete and utter silence"
Luna Tides

"you will fall head over heels in love"
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