To Bear Sir

Based: Wales
Genre: Alt/Folk
Website: Facebook

To Bear Sir is a new artist from Wales who, this week, is all I have been thinking about. Hearing ‘The Other Boys’ on Adam Walton’s BBC Radio Wales show on Saturday night was a real moment for me and made me want to instantly find out more and share with the world how incredible To Bear Sir sounds - you really cannot live a moment longer without hearing the music he creates. Adam has played one gig so far in The Monarch, London on a bill that was curated by Mark Beaumont (NME) and included Novellas, SuperGlu and Barricades, not a bad start to your fist gig. At the time of writing this there are three To Bear Sir songs available.

‘The Other Boys’ really will make your entire world come to a standstill, it is such a heartbreaking, honest song full of emotion and vocals that are so vulnerable and fragile they really will break your heart in two, “I can’t accept this, I won’t accept this, I’m going to be like all the other boys tomorrow, I’m going to be someone they can love tomorrow”.

The two other songs I have had the pleasure of hearing include ‘The Reckoning’ which is a sweet, emotional song that will hold you tight and wrap you up in the warmest blanket you can imagine. ‘Missing Parts’ is another fine example of writing songs from your heart and soul, “You pulled me apart, and I tried to put myself back together in the dark”. The song is arranged with strings echoing away in the background ensuring this song will leave a firm mark on your life.

The EP which these songs will form a part of has been recorded and is titled ‘A Carnage, Uneasy Moan’ and will be a must-buy for everyone that walks this planet. To Bear Sir has his second gig booked in Camden on August 23rd and I am hoping there will be some dates in Wales very soon.

I have done my humble best here to describe how much hearing the songs of To Bear Sir have meant to me and I really cannot emphasise enough how much I feel that this is an artist the whole world needs to embrace with wide open arms and a warm heart.

Steve Tay

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